Unauthorized Charge

If you have unfamiliar charges from Innadril on your credit or debit card statement, contact Innadril Customer Support for help and notify your financial institution.

In many cases, the charges are the result of a friend or family member using the card. Common amounts are:

  • 60 balans (£6) for L-Coin chest which contains 8000 L-Coins.

  • 100 balans (£10) balans for Change Character Nickname.

  • 20 balans (£2) balans for Chest which contains 1000 L-Coins.

  • 40 balans (£4) balans for Premium 7d.

If you are positive that the charges were not made by you or an authorized party, your card information should be considered stolen and you should report the charges as theft directly to your card issuer. Your card issuer can reverse these charges.

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