1. Definitions

"Operator" - the owner of Innadril.com Portal, is a Party to the User Agreement. Operator administration performs and maintenance, provides users access to the portal, services (also paid services), under the terms of this agreement. "User." means an individual (natural person) that has completed the registration on Innadril.com Portal or participating in a Portal projects

"User" and "Operator" are the Parties to the Agreement. "Portal" - special software and hardware complexes placed on the Operator's resources. User access to the portal is provided only by the Operator. All rights to use this portal belong exclusively to the Operator.

"Site" is a website located on the Internet at https://Innadril.com. "Services" means providing Users with access to the Portal, using opportunities and services, participating in projects on the terms and conditions specified in the Agreements. Operator's services are provided free of charge. Exceptions are only Additional Paid Services. All Services are provided by the operator only within the Portal, ie During its use by the User. "Additional paid services" means providing the User with additional special features of the Portal for a fee. These services are not mandatory and are provided at the request of the User. Paid Services are also provided by the Operator exclusively within the Portal.

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