5.2 User Obligations

Complying with the terms of this agreement, the User is obliged:

  • Provide reliable information when registering on the Site.

  • The User shall be responsible for ensuring non-disclosure (confidentiality) of the data stored in his / her account, his / her login and passwords and bear liability for any failure to keep confidential and disclose in any way his / her account data.

  • If necessary, at the request of the Operator, provide confirmation of their personal data indicated on the Site at the time of registration.

  • Follow the Operator's instructions within this Portal.

  • Do not violate the rights of author and intellectual property of the Operator, located on its Portal.

  • Comply with all conditions of this Agreement without limitations.

  • The User undertakes to use the Portal exclusively for entertainment purposes, without pursuing any gain from the Portal.

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