4. Territory

4.1. "Territory" refers to the territory of Antigua y Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belice, Bolivia, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estados Unidos, Granada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haití, Honduras, Jamaica, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, República Dominicana, San Cristóbal y Nieves, San Vicente y las Granadinas, Santa Lucía, Surinam, Trinidad y Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela, España, Portugal. Only users located within the indicated territory shall have the right to participate in Game, unless otherwise stated by the Innadril Team.

4.2. The Innadril Team can use technologies to verify the user's geographic location and restrict access to the game in other locations. The user can not use any technology or technique to hide or alter his location.

4.3. Users that do not reside in the previously mentioned territories and still decide to connect to the game, will be met with the corresponding sanctions. There will be no exceptions or any claims to be made about any penalty applied.

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